Meet Dr. Stallings

Dr. Michael Stallings

Dr. Stallings is focused on comprehensive dentistry and will work with you to achieve your ideal smile and optimum dental health. He is passionate about evidence-based clinical practices and has won numerous awards in dental research. His research has been published in General Dentistry. When he is not at the office, he can be found enjoying the great outdoors with his family.


Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine.


Nutrition. Brigham Young University. Provo, Utah. Research focused on skeletal muscle physiology, AMPK signalling, and insulin resistance.


To me, dentistry is so much more than teeth. It is an opportunity to create relationships and build friendships with people of all ages whom I would never have the chance to meet otherwise. I love being part of the journey with a person who won’t smile at our initial appointment because of embarrassment about his or her teeth and then seeing the patient give me a wonderful smile the day finish treatment. I love hearing adult patients tell me they can chew with teeth that they have never been able to chew with before. It’s the most gratifying part of my work, and what I look forward to doing every day.

Moving teeth into the right position and restoring them to health is something I do, but if teeth weren’t connected to people I wouldn’t wake up every morning excited about what I do. It’s the people that surround the teeth that makes dentistry interesting. I love meeting people and hearing their stories and then becoming part of their story.

Personal favorites

Dr. Stallings’ favorite dance move is avoiding the dance floor and eating snacks. His favorite songs to play on guitar are The Gigue from BWV 997 and “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. He has never seen “It’s a Wonderful Life”, which is one of his favorite things to tell people during the holiday season.

Professional associations

American Dental Association
Academy of General Dentistry

Volunteer experience

Give Kids a Smile
Special Olympics


Certificate of Merit for Excellence in Dental Research from Quintessence Publishing


Record-setting powerlifter.
Ran the path from Masada to the Masada National Park Tourist Center in 11 minutes.
First chair and principal guitarist during his collegiate music career.
Doesn’t gamble, but does take his small children camping (probably worse odds).